friday reads

my internet informations and inspirations of the week:

really wish we could get some of these for taking darla to see the new muppet movie.

bakerella_3419from bakerella as seen on cmybacon

the color melon must have me in its tractor beam this week. i noticed i was pushing this certain crayola on darla during our coloring matches and melon has reached out to me through the internet in the form of the perfect camper and a dream bathroom in the city of nimes, southern france. that is where i’ll be retiring, thank you. all b/c of this.

i mean, look at this camper

it is the exact camper that i want to drive around the us. this little vintage blog is my favorite bloglovin’ addition based on pics of that creamsicle camper alone. sigh.

my other new additions to bloglovin’ – a lost feather and all the love in the universe, plus the corresponding site pacing the panic room.

that’s all for now. i hope you enjoy reading on these other sites but not as much as reading mine!


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