a semi-communion with nature

when i say semi i mean that we could still hear the semis speeding along the superhighway. the audubon park is a little nook of nature carved into the cityscape between the two biggest highways that pass through columbus. still, it’s one of our favorite spots to play, bike, hike and spy a little nature. here’s our latest nature hike.

photo 1. our path  2. darla holds my hand; a momentous event  3. our shadows turned out more “poltergeist” than i would’ve liked but, eh  4. she climbed stuff  5. deer tracks!  6. “take heed. for the path you are about to choose will lead to certain destruction!”  7. she enjoyed being able to run as far in front of me as she liked without restriction  8. i realized halfway through the trip that it was incredibly insensitive of me to wear a hat adorned with a feather to a park dedicated to avian conservation  9. you can’t see the little guy but a shrew was in the underbrush rooting for his breakfast. we watched him for ten minutes – a personal record for d’s attention span and ability to stay fairly quiet  10. she climbed more stuff  11. she left “directions” for other hikers so they wouldn’t get lost  12. N is for nature  13. examined moss. i’m going to have to get a magnifying glass to bring along for future wilderness treks  14 & 15 shoulder ride and her turn to wear the hat  16. salvaged item art inside the audubon center.

this trip was the first time we’d ventured inside of the center. wowza, what incredibly wonderful resources and setting. we spent a good hour in the reading library which architecturally consists of 3 walls of glass looking out over the park. lots of birds flying to and fro and stuff. i’m hoping i’ll be able to get darla a jump start on learning plant names, bird species, trees, etc. those are all things about which i wish i had more of a knowledge bank.

it was a very organically educational, carefree day for us. there were many more discoveries and new experiences that i didn’t capture because i did force myself to put the camera away and just be present. i love how everything seems like such a marvel in nature. the pictures don’t even do justice to the weather and the jubilant attitude darla exuded that day. universe, i’d like more days like that one, please.


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