i know you’re out there

alright you pregnant ladies and expectant gentledudes, when i say “a doula” i mean ME. me. me. M. E. ME!  even if it’s not me just get yourself a doula. you’ll be forever thankful that you did.

but reasons why it should be me: 1 – i’m awesome  2 – most of the time i smell nice  3 – i’m not a full blown doula yet so pricing is in your favor. i’m referring to myself as a “doulette” until i complete all my certification. if you are one of my certifying births you will receive the full doula experience at less than half the cost. make smart decisions b/c we’re in a recession! i do have one birth experience under my belt, in addition to that of my daughter, so i’m not totally green. maybe more like chartreuse.

happy birthing to you all!

Source: facebook.com via Sarah on Pinterest


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