while she was gone

husbeau and i were machines of productivity while little miss was away. i was so busy (and without a subject) most of the time so i have few pics to show for it but…here:

 photo 6A463567-1768-4E24-A017-E8A990B161C7-33703-000022AB72E76563_zps8886cc86.jpg photo 1C73AE8A-E78F-4FBB-AF61-4FBF39142762-33703-000022AB7EEF1626_zpscea08c22.jpg photo 94CEE23E-228E-43AF-93D8-BF9CA8731C70-33703-000022AB8A0B6D4E_zpsa6690306.jpg photo D11C2ABA-7D86-42FF-AC6F-9A97DE099920-33703-000022AB9412C967_zps47708118.jpg

^^^ 1.  setting up the groove in my workspace.  2. gettin’ to work on my herb barrow.  3. a taco date with husbeau at my FAVE el camino.  4. my easter tradition of singing and performing jesus christ superstar BY MYSELF, FOR MYSELF and crying at the end. it’s an emotional endeavor. ^^^



 photo 99F040D8-33CF-407A-A163-E6DD50099DF9-3874-000003DFB1D74F82_zpsf0e2a229.jpg photo 2220FC8F-E16E-4985-9C1B-E7A542309F6D-3874-000003DFC3CD834C_zps5d73bf17.jpg photo B0C10A03-B4E0-4833-B298-3CCA09F9AD4D-3874-000003DFD2D03372_zpsd7ab6a35.jpg photo 44C90A13-89F5-4432-A121-7EFFFC1E3C4F-3874-000003DFE1C8EF80_zps406c3d17.jpg photo 43A06D80-6BEF-420D-95EA-22803B1E2BD0-3874-000003DFF4226CC0_zps149dedd9.jpg photo 5A4D1FEE-E878-41A3-BBEC-36003F76C651-3874-000003E00FA1D7A6_zps0d7d9782.jpg photo 05627A91-F6B2-4E70-B3B1-BD921012E509-3874-000003E019680F9F_zps05894906.jpg photo 1CCB421B-7A31-4E93-BED3-03D5736190D7-3874-000003E020D9B21F_zps96eeb53e.jpg photo 9C14180F-B291-45B1-8FD0-4BFDBFA0D662-3874-000003E02BF7BE57_zps6de6aa93.jpg

exhaustingly good amounts of fun time this past weekend. weekend bits:

1.  new bird feeder project  2. selfie before the en vogue show  3 & 4. the terribly anticlimactic show that was somehow still tons of fun and i would go again in a heartbeat  5. tried el camino for the first time. thank goodness for healthy, cheap tacos. and i mean CHEAP.  6 & 7. year of the buffalo in-store at vinyl frontier. Mike arranged his first in store and i have to say, he picked a mighty fine band {biased!}.  8. darla worked her magic and made fast friends with the band. they gifted her a copy of their ep and a guitar pick. it’s been our soundtrack in the car ever since. you should check it out. NOW.  9. finished the weekend with a valentine-crafting & pizza party at our friends’.

weekend also included but not pictured: a karaoke session at mickey’s, sunday brunch with lady friends, darla’s introduction to star wars, and cousin hang-time at our place. all normal things like gym, grocery and housecleaning fit in where they could…or not.

i love busy weekends full of life. keep them coming.