while she was gone

husbeau and i were machines of productivity while little miss was away. i was so busy (and without a subject) most of the time so i have few pics to show for it but…here:

 photo 6A463567-1768-4E24-A017-E8A990B161C7-33703-000022AB72E76563_zps8886cc86.jpg photo 1C73AE8A-E78F-4FBB-AF61-4FBF39142762-33703-000022AB7EEF1626_zpscea08c22.jpg photo 94CEE23E-228E-43AF-93D8-BF9CA8731C70-33703-000022AB8A0B6D4E_zpsa6690306.jpg photo D11C2ABA-7D86-42FF-AC6F-9A97DE099920-33703-000022AB9412C967_zps47708118.jpg

^^^ 1.  setting up the groove in my workspace.  2. gettin’ to work on my herb barrow.  3. a taco date with husbeau at my FAVE el camino.  4. my easter tradition of singing and performing jesus christ superstar BY MYSELF, FOR MYSELF and crying at the end. it’s an emotional endeavor. ^^^