i’m dreaming of a green christmas

whoa, life just got REAL busy, huh?

i’m feeling it. i know you’re feeling it, too. i keep reminding myself: “don’t just get stuff done, get the right stuff done.”

but anyway,

i was starting to let myself get sucked into the consumerism culture that is christmas this past weekend. my mind was dwelling on hypothetical presents darla should get so she doesn’t feel deprived when she is older. guffaw.

well, the universe knew what to do with me and put this book in my path. literally in my path when we spent monday at the library. i was reminded that christmas eve and day are the two most waste producing days of the year around the world. it brought me back to center.

greener christmas

my child does not need an abundance of toys or candy. she just needs a few carefully selected gifts and a whole lot of love.

i wrote a bit last year about our homemade decorations projects – our snowflakes from coffee filters and junk mail, our popcorn garlands, handmade wrapping paper from re-purposed darla art. I think we’ll carry on those traditions this year and add a few more. I came up with an advent calendar from some reused wrapping paper.


what about you? have you thought of ways to reduce your waste output this christmas? what tricks have you come up with?