hi friends,

how was your christmas? merry? jolly? bright? white?

i hope any combination of all of the above.

all was well here. busy busy hectic and busy. but ohhhh so much fun. christmas continues for the tucker half of my family. we’re currently “christmasing” at the abe martin lodge in brown county indiana. the setting is pretty ideal at the moment.

i’m typing next to a crackling fire. the view outside the windows is of snow covered trees and cabins. the lodge is decked out in holiday decor and rustic, natural adornments. kids are running around, families are playing board games in the game lobby. the kitchen is churning out wonderful homestyle food. my child is asleep and i’m enjoying some peace on the internet with my father here by the fire.

maybe that last sentence didn’t fit in with the rest of the painted picture but did you hear me? MY CHILD IS ASLEEP. she’s been very rambunctious due to the lax environment the holidays have created and she’s taking her first nap in what seems like weeks. so i’m catching up on some things on the interwebs by this here fire while i shove my face full of stocking stuffed jelly beans.

semi-quiet solitude: it’s the best christmas gift yet…


ps. i have lots of pics and memories to share from our holiday celebrations but i’ll update on those soon. i’m trying my best to stay present with family time and disengaged from technology. present moments excluded.


late night date night number two

michael arranged a pretty radical belated weddin’ anniversary celebration for us while in nashville. we really took advantage of the babysittin’ while there. oh, yeah, after bein’ down there for five days i’ve decided to drop all the “g”s in my vocabulary. thanks.

we stayed at the union station wyndham downtown and started with dinner and beers at the flyin’ saucer. the place has over 40 taps! the bar not the hotel. afterwards we walked down to broadway and stopped into a few honkey tonks before we finished the night singin’ karaoke in front of insanely talented strangers. we finally made our way back to base camp where i made mike sit with me in front of the fire. hey, i had wanted us to turn in on the early side but he made me rally so he had to pay the price by indulgin’ my fireside inclinations. here is our night in pictures, in no particular order. why? because i am freakin’ exhausted from NOT bein’ in bed by ten and now i’m too tired to arrange them. sorry.

i guess nashville causes us to make funny faces. also, the red photos have no filter on them. that’s just the red light special life at robert’s western world. it’s a western apparel shop with a bar inside = best idea i’ve ever head. all in all, this was a pretty great way to celebrate a year of marriage with a pretty great man.

some uh that nashville entertainment

the bands we saw last night were crazy good. i’m thinking shows in nashville probably have a kinda tightness not found anywhere else in the country. here’s a few vid-yos for you to check out right now if you haven’t heard these bands yet.

jonny corndawg: this was my favorite song from last night. here’s a version with dawes at the bowery with jonny looking like a country music rabbi

tristen: my new lady crush

and andrew combs: