morning view

these are more or less my surroundings when i wake up in the morning. i woke today feeling sore from my first gymnastics lesson in 15 years. that is a long time out from tumbling and my body is feeling it. i decided the last-minute to sign up for it. i don’t know why it struck me now as a great idea but i think it has something to do with my desire to reconnect with some of the things i grew up doing that made me really happy that i don’t do as often as an adult. i mean singing, dancing and gymnastics. i really miss it. really miss it. A LOT. i even still identify these things, actually.

i guess i’m just experimenting on how my inner person will be affected if i bring these activities that are core to my self-identity back into my everyday {more like weekly in the gymnastics case} life. already i feel a little more in touch with myself. and a little bit less in touch with my toes or any other extremity that i can’t reach today because i’m too sore to bend over. but it was worth it. it really was. not to mention it was a great workout.

not seeing the correlation with this photo? well, i thought this was going to be my view all day. i thought i wouldn’t be able to move from my bed and would have to stare at the wall and enlist darla’s help to roll me out of the bed. BUT i’m ok. I did get up even if it was a little late.

in short, engaging myself in an activity i love has helped me feel really, pretty fantastically good about life this morning. maybe this old dog still has a few tricks to learn.