I packed my bags last night pre-flight


i’m sitting here with a to-do list of which only about half will get done by the time we have to get on the plane for california tomorrow morning.

yeah, that’s right. once i said that in my brain i thought “the hell with it, i’m going to california tomorrow! i don’t have to do it if i don’t wanna.” so i went downstairs and made myself a cocktail instead.

here’s to 10 days with friends, and sunshine and new scenery. annnnnd here’s to putting things off for a good reason. clink. clink. i just cheersed myself. and made up the word cheersed. see i’ve been so much more productive after this drink.

ps. cali friends we’re so excited to squeeze you. columbus friends we’re excited to squeeze you when we get back, too. oh gosh, and everyone everywhere else we’ll be excited to see you and squeeze you when we get to see and squeeze you. there. did i cover everyone? no one offended? good. ‘night y’all!