bump day

 photo 4734BCE5-590E-4D66-ABEE-CC7C5343A173-17962-00000489A10241A3_zps23395969.jpg

i made sure to get the bottom of my dirty foot in there so you could see that i’m barefoot and pregnant, but only sometimes in the kitchen.


bump day

 photo 951DFE89-4E56-47EC-A5AB-7EBAAD73F873-1109-0000006F7689A7C6_zpsd869c3e9.jpg

how’s that for an angle? and is it just me or does it look like that little human is sitting slightly more to my right?

in other bump news, the baby is now kicking hard enough for darla and mike to feel from the outside. darla was pretty stoked to feel the baby kick her hand. i simply adore going through this pregnancy with her by my side.

Bump Day

 photo 362E3800-9EEB-4D3C-BD45-63AA9F928987-18350-000006ED7282FA35_zps3e0e22f1.jpg

i tried to take a bump picture this morning but it just wasn’t working. so i’m using this pic from a few days ago because it’s a pretty badass photo of this lovely bump. probs gonna frame it when i get home.

and, yes, i’ll be wearing this fringe everywhere i go from now on.



pic of the bump taken today at the beach. i’m no longer cheating on bump day.

bump day

 photo 50EDFC8A-4110-4234-89A9-C05D4DCDF8B7-5901-00000382FF4BCF6D_zpsb3e8d3cc.jpg

well, i was going to take my bump picture yesterday because it was so sunny but i’m glad i waited until today, which is my estimated bump day anyway, to take it because this little sucker really popped out over night!

this bump is a funny one, though. some days it’s like WHOA and then others I feel like you can barely tell i’m pregnant. did anyone else seem to have fluctuating bump sizes?

{we had our appointment with the midwives yesterday and darla got to be the one to take my blood pressure. we also listened to the heartbeat. i’m loving being able to share this experience with her.}