pregnancy eats

postpartum planning and fresh produce availability are converging at one time to make my pregnancy eats focus directed a little more towards the post-pregnancy period. the garden is starting to yield and so are the farms in central ohio. i’ve been gradually putting away freezer items and have gotten into some canning with our lovely neighbor. i still have quite a bit to put away before i will feel satisfactorily prepared but any progress is good progress, right?

so, we’ve put away some

cilantro lime rice

 ^^^ cilantro lime rice ^^^

 taco pickels

^^^ taco pickles ^^^

 lentil tacos

salsa chicken


vegetable marinara

cilantro tea

^^^ d has been doing her own preserving, making teas and drying bunches from bolted cilantro ^^^

but that’s all i’ve got so far. this is where i need help. i have some ideas like making some crockpot pulled chicken and more taco meat but i need ideas. pinterest is chock full of them but it’s hard to know if a recipe is going to be a bust or not based on the internet so, i am asking you to leave a comment with your tried and true pinterest link for your favorite freezer meals {or any recipe link will do} so i can add it to my board and get some more variety going in our freezer.  healthy and cheap options are always good.

and please someone ease my guilt and tell me that i get a zero waste free pass since this is the first time i’ve bought plastic storage bags in at least 3 years? i tried to figure out a way to zero waste this process but there is only so much one mama mind can take on at one time…

thanks in advance for your help!


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