avoiding maternity clothes

maternity yard work

oh yeah. things are looking good over here. this is how i spent much of the first part of the week. it’s getting harder and harder to find things to cover this bump. i thought maybe we were just going to skip pictures this week and assume that any time that i was not in the above yard work outfit, i was in the black dress. But, I got a few more semi-acceptable outfits in there:

not pjs i swear

one being this outfit. these are the most comfortable pants in the world. i swear they are not pajama pants. i might have to get another pair! but maybe in a different color…and maybe in a size that will fit me post baby as well.

bubble maternity dress

and this, which involved the dress i was wearing when i met husbeau…

memorial day jumper

and this romper for memorial day, which i wore in my pregnancy with darla, but it looked much different given that summer was on the beginning half of my pregnancy last time.

and darla too

and one where miss D wanted to show off what she was wearing to memorial day, too.

that wraps it up. the rest of this week is looking to be gauze tents and caftans.


3 thoughts on “avoiding maternity clothes

  1. Looks like fun and the weekend post too. I see your blog is now on page one of the mom blog organization. I have been attempting to vote every 24 hours but not sure am doing so correctly. D the votes have an affect on the numbering? When this first started I didn’t read very carefully and I don’t think I voted ….just liked. Still very confused.

    • Thanks so much! You just have to click on the icon for Voting in the post or on the sidebar. It takes you to a page with an owl on it and tells you to click through to vote. If you then reach a page that shows you blogs with rankings then you’ve done it correctly. I really appreciate your effort and support, as always!

      • Well, I guess I have been following the process okay. I just don’t trust it unless I get feedback clearly saying I voted….but that’s just my issue to deal with. Now that you confirm that I voted properly I can continue without doubt. I see you moved into position #24 since yesterday. Not sure of the significance of that. I will just continue to vote because I can. I love reading your blog !

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