pregnancy eats

 photo EA3CF430-A3F3-4DE4-8E53-EBBFE5D3114B-4354-000002ABDD370A4A_zps4be6e689.jpg

some of my regular pregnancy eats:

grapefruit has been my friend this pregnancy. i’m having {or halving if you’re feeling punny} 1/2 a grapefruit 4-6 times a week this go around.

plain whole milk yogurt gets me started with some good protein and probiotics. i usually add almonds for calcium, berries add antioxidants and more vitamin c, and honey as a sweetener. i like to have control of the amount of sweetness instead of getting a flavored yogurt.

and up there in old man mug is my faithful raspberry leaf tea.

i get this tea because it comes in bulk and loose leaf so i can prepare it in an almost zero waste way.

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