weekending 45

 photo B67F4B2F-DBF9-42E9-BDB1-C7F135A51E05-973-000000867D5D1A7F_zpsd3122cb1.jpg photo AC337075-8D96-4265-A5CC-F9A733BE8B98-973-0000008680FB9700_zps4ea1e312.jpg

folks i gotta whole lotta nothing to share from the weekend. things will probably be pretty quiet on this site for a few days until we get ourselves set up in our new place. the word for the weekend has been balance. i feel i’ve done well not giving in to the feeling of being overwhelmed. we’ve had a lot of help this past week and that has been a lifesaver.

the bottom line is we’ve enjoyed a couple days being back together as a family, working on our new space. darla has helped with a couple painting projects but doesn’t have any interest in packing. oh well.

please keep your fingers crossed for us and send us all your positive vibes that we get everything packed up in time to move this next weekend. also, please pray that i keep my sanity in the process.

hope you and yours had a lovely weekend!


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