week 39

 photo F26CC11A-3FE6-4CDD-A2B0-6A063B86EFD7-29391-000015AFF67050B2_zpsbc0f2637.jpg photo D794417F-F8DD-49D7-9DD3-6D580CEEA1E3-26532-000013F25E1B14B2_zps7850d2a7.jpg photo 097E5958-D191-471D-81D4-9A49B183DC5A-26532-000013F2638F9660_zpse0b6ac39.jpg photo 66CFF294-BB48-4420-9FE4-C9B12CF728B3-26532-000013F24F23F518_zps79cc9665.jpg photo 02FD796C-B08F-4977-9DEF-BB019D65B40B-27786-000014AC95091AF1_zpsf86e7905.jpg photo 955E3AF0-2BC1-4190-883B-0AED48F19260-27786-000014AC9B2D86F9_zps23062e86.jpg photo B0FB5F55-A18B-4633-973B-71D1E6157354-29391-000015B1721181AA_zps9152f8d9.jpg photo CE35AB0D-277A-42C8-835F-4E5060412664-29391-000015B16B35E062_zps330128d0.jpg photo CF2F8649-5E39-4814-8B65-B39770B47758-29143-000015745E0904D9_zps33fd6897.jpg photo 44BFAAA9-8EB9-417D-917D-4056AE4075E6-29143-0000157459DD3BA8_zpsef3d973e.jpg photo EF3D4F63-A500-4651-B987-215CA2A33E2C-29143-000015746210BDE4_zps9093e86f.jpg photo C3062A75-BAE5-4608-97BA-769FA4CDF24E-29143-00001574653554A7_zps5092dfbb.jpg photo 337605A8-1F7E-4F91-83AB-42A8AE4CD587-29268-0000158A6F3C2065_zpsbb3d9376.jpg photo C6A005E6-2F0D-4B6C-9FA1-77F572632325-31025-000017570BA57BD6_zps83947458.jpg photo 08E62A2D-65D3-439B-8150-70A0E7333CB9-31025-0000175794014581_zps28f8a845.jpg photo 56EFEE10-7948-45AF-B3D4-F529719863B2-31025-000017571337E99B_zps1cfa63d3.jpg photo 5A2F861E-1620-4838-AAE2-2EE082F29695-31025-00001757172B3604_zps22298c37.jpg

people, in my book the most important thing that happened in week 39 was that i gave myself bangs again. bangs! nothing else matters. bangs are a good fall + winter look for me.

doesn’t that look like a good week? life is busy but it seems busy with the things that are really important. i feel very connected to all the avenues i’m putting my effort into right now. it’s a grand feeling. by the way, i’m digging presenting life in a weekly format on here. i feel it allows me to tell our story in the ways i want. i also feel that it requires much less work.

i find myself living my days in amazement of all the ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary things transpiring. whether it’s watching darla ride her trike or visiting with friends that we haven’t seen in ages, it all seems ridiculously generous of the universe to bestow all this on us.

my week contained warm days running around to parks and outdoor destinations. i had a nice balance of friends and family.  i experienced free time and down time. i walked through prarie fields and city streets. i danced my calves off at a wedding. i say calves because they honestly feel like they are going to fall off my body. i got to hug and squeeze my wonderful, amazing friends and talk about how we all like to be in bed by 11pm now. I got to hug and squeeze my husband. I got to hug and squeeze my daughter.

i’m a person that very much values taking in new experiences. but i have to say, this weekend reminded me how important it is to revisit some of the things i’ve already seen before. visiting my old stomping grounds reminded me of all i’ve already experienced and gave me space to be thankful for that. i have a ritual every time we visit DC of stopping by the apartment where we first brought darla home as a newborn. that place means so much to me and in times past it’s been a mournful visit. this time just felt good. i feel deep emotion being there but it’s no longer marked with a pang to return back to a time gone by. it’s now pulsing with thankfulness that i’m even able to come glance up 7 stories into the air and remember a little baby rolling on floors.

i look back on the list of experiences from the past week and realize how important it all is. from the everyday-doings of the beginning of the week to the wedding bash at the end and i’m filled with the same amazement and thankfulness for both and everything in between. it’s an extraordinary existence to be able to sit down and play a game of pick-up sticks with my girl first thing in the morning. just as extraordinary as running around making the most of a big city weekend celebration. i used to think only the extravagant, grand-travel adventures we took were important.

it might be the bangs, but now i see that the quiet moments spent here in our home or out on daily errands are just as important, if not more. because that is my life. for now. and i celebrate that. maybe my life will be something different in 5 years as it certainly was 5 years past. but for now it is grocery lists, homeschool outings, prenatals & postpartums and the occasional out-of-town trip.

and i’m really, really happy to say this is my life right up there in those pictures.


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