listen, i don’t have a new book to share for this week because i’m still on animal dreams. but we have a darla-free weekend so i’m planning on reading like cray cray with all the extra time. i’m hoping i’ll have something else to share next week.

this week, i thought it would be fun to take a closer look at my obsession with florals. it was once said to me that i can be counted on to show up in some kind of “wallpaper print.” this is a genius and hilarious observation of my personal style. i love floral! in fact, i’m wearing it right now!!

here is just a small sampling of my printed closet:

 photo 80D849EF-6870-4D7D-B85C-8A1938C0F556-26532-000013F676541E37_zps2335a3dc.jpg photo 0D8330A3-4437-4A55-ADB7-D1B41533AED7-26532-000013F67CCEEE61_zps503fbf7d.jpg photo 7B8005B8-1ACE-46F8-9393-971AA2D0FF8D-26532-000013F689173C87_zps97cdd345.jpg photo F764273B-FBA7-418F-8731-86A01266AAB0-26532-000013F68F6C1F3F_zpsad0a0c43.jpg photo 00311CCD-EFB4-493C-82B1-20E35184DFEB-26532-000013F6957D07B1_zps5087963c.jpg photo 092D5881-3D17-4851-B5DB-C4B7672FC73B-26532-000013F69CBBC37A_zps6c8a5051.jpg photo FB371D18-064B-4B2D-A3E3-5DE54E56B7FE-26532-000013F6A1D6D6ED_zpsab8bdd65.jpg photo 33B07628-631D-4470-869A-0E42E242BFBD-26532-000013F6AAD5A47D_zps94269201.jpg photo 312338D0-F1B0-463D-A7CF-8CE500F278F8-26532-000013F6A634DD6B_zpsf2ad321e.jpg photo 94F38033-6346-4061-BF48-B32377121D97-26532-000013F6B552F9A0_zps6a21308b.jpg photo C9680C4F-89A9-46D9-8E4E-AF41EC3CED11-26532-000013F6B02C4061_zps551b87d9.jpg photo 1EAC8B9B-2D5B-48CC-AF76-BCA503ED154B-26532-000013F6BA035A7E_zps9b95d772.jpg photo 1E47B654-3530-4567-A91C-FEA3A3B6E89F-26532-000013F6BEB34A72_zps5bdcaac5.jpg photo 77BF6A7F-1CE7-47E3-BA0B-3ABD39215020-26532-000013F6C4833D82_zpsca8261f1.jpg

i’ll be wearing two of these prints this weekend. can you guess which ones?


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