photo 59FF6B77-42F3-4EEE-A76C-5BB05A538A93-4951-0000036D153A7F1E_zps14e9d250.jpg photo 899B27BC-17EF-45AE-81D3-B80A08D1A078-4951-0000036D1956D075_zps2e4581e1.jpg photo 5E603010-C6F3-4821-B2AA-4D9E620F920B-4951-0000036D1D031F26_zps3ffdd87e.jpg photo 6939FCD7-0F59-421A-BB2C-175F2CC62E48-4951-0000036D25433C21_zps20a9108f.jpg photo C076E46E-C73A-433C-ADBB-07AAAA4CBB7E-4951-0000036D2924E56A_zps5946fb9c.jpg

i found myself keeping the camera in my pocket this week. i’ve been trying to remain present. this of course means much of our weekend was not captured for sharing but i got some very important experiences here.

i just finished reading my first book on unschooling and i’m so thankful i did. now when i look back on pictures like this i’m reminded just how much there is to learn from daily life. i’ll be working on removing my fears of inadequacy and uncertainty this next year as darla will be home with me full-time.

we tried new markets and old markets, both of which had plenty to feast the mind upon. pictured above is darla trying oils and spices. i’m so impressed with her at these markets. she asks questions and is not afraid to engage the merchants. she always stops to look at something i never would have on my own, like the chocolate booth where we got a step-by-step, interactive break-down of how chocolate is made. we sampled milk chocolate, 70% dark chocolate and an 85%. darla tried the raw chocolate as well. she decided she liked the 70% best of all. how could i walk away from an experience like that and not acknowledge all the learning that happened there?

as for me, i walked to a destination that is frequently driven or biked in our life and it was a pleasantly different experience on foot. i stopped to watch this blue heron on my walk down to the summerfest. it was a nice, serene moment before heading into the masses.

 photo 887BB20A-7B63-4B6A-9B79-C7E1BCF6970F-5622-000003ECB13C8302_zps41bc0674.jpg photo B1DC38D9-8DC4-4C33-911D-FBB2F9A9C2E9-5622-000003ECB9BECB02_zps8ba8b30c.jpg


 photo 2261C2F0-22FB-4C94-9367-92FA9AE57B2B-5622-000003ECB578C512_zpsa27a001a.jpg

i also had a picnic dinner with my girl in the park and sat here, under this sycamore. i put my phone away and just watched her for the longest time. it felt wonderful to just watch her and see her interact with other children. the evening felt like it could be an early fall day. the park was filled with people out and about and it was nice to see everyone out except it made me feel lonely at the same time.

and by the way these pics are from different days of the weekend. darla choose to wear that dress all weekend and i can’t even remember if it was washed in between days or not. whatevs.

sending you my best for a lovely start to your week and i hope you and yours had a peaceful, wonderful weekend.


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