unschooling: harmonious homestead

 photo A7A1C970-585D-435D-8053-5BBA7029045B-9280-000007A18CE74853_zps08568263.jpg photo 7B850F19-BE42-4CC7-AC70-CD41C86D70F4-9280-000007A19242D013_zpsaff3f3f4.jpg

darla and i spent a little bit of time at the harmonious homestead open house on saturday. i bet you can tell what darla’s favorite part of the outing was. she wants chickens and her momma does too. she held just about every one of them. it worked out that even though i tried to interest her in the gardens and grounds she was confined to the chicken coop, by choice, so mama was free to roam around the gardens as she pleased. mama likes to do as she pleases.

i learned about hugelkultur and darla learned how to successfully chase down a chicken. i’d say that’s a good day of learning.


2 thoughts on “unschooling: harmonious homestead

    • wow, chicken whisperer is right. how cool for your son! D would love for any animal to run towards her instead of away. also, i was once at a party in college where every kept passing around this pet chicken. just random people walking around with a hen tucked under their arm. it was a good party.

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