unschooling: the north market

 photo C7966F75-9F4C-4405-A3D2-17F50E3B374B-5160-000003C4BE7FB21F_zps4bf3f360.jpg photo CB508252-E42A-4466-B07A-45A9B7EEA9A6-5160-000003C4C52F409B_zps044c9240.jpg photo 242EA4C6-A507-45FC-9F9A-59D8AF4095C8-5160-000003C4CDC6102E_zpse1a8355f.jpg

this is one of those times that i turn my craving for a bredzel pretzel into an unschooling opportunity but you all have been humoring me for this long so why stop now? let’s just keep going with this fancy charade, shall we?

we went to north market this weekend for said bakery item and turned the experience into a mini-unschooling outing. darla and i learned about the principles of a market when we picked strawberries  so i felt we did some good work building on those principles as we looked at the different stalls of items brought in from surrounding farms. or maybe she was just doing whatever it took to get me to buy an icing cup to go along with the pretzel but as long as she pretends to be learning from me i’m ok with it.

we’ve also been working on the concept of money and math and the market is the perfect place to do some practical application. having her help me figure out how much money we should give and how much we should receive in change has been fun for her. she likes to be the money handler.

thanks for checking in on our unschooling. i hope this is providing some inspiration for some unschooling in your life. you can just refer to it as it’s more common term of “parenting” but me thinks myself more free-wheeling when i apply an unconventional term to it.

rib jab. wink wink.


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