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can i wear these?

i broke out my cut-offs today and immediately after putting them on went into questioning “i’m a mom and i’m 30. can i still wear these?”

i’ve had them since college and even though cut-offs have a certain connotation i feel this is underplayed by the prarie lace i sewed on the pockets about 10 years ago. this means when i put them on i look 10 years younger, yes?


the thing is, i don’t think i’m fat. i don’t feel fat. i’ve got a few extra pounds on me like everyone else but when i look at myself i don’t think it’s an obscene sight for me to be in them. but i have that gut feeling that says i’m too old and too fat and too mom to wear them.

but then again maybe it’s more of a reaction to the fact that i often look at pictures of myself years later and think “who let me wear that?”

am i making this more complicated than need be? is it really ok for me to wear my cutoffs even in my 30s? what does being a mom have to do with it? why is that in there in my brain? why is there societal mom guilt that I should dress different now that I’m a mom? should i dress different? would it really be better if i did dress different b/c…am i kidding myself here?

i don’t have the answer yet. i wore them today and it felt alright. so i do know that. maybe i should just enjoy one last year in them because wearing cutoffs at 31 would really be pushing it…

but seriously someone tell me if i can still wear these. thanks.


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