daily moment

 photo 1F163EBC-4EC3-4BFB-A88D-8936D6B0B701-5898-000004FC650D92B6_zps11e4f5c5.jpg photo AAB34EE2-45AA-4D81-9B72-6248F8C3D6EF-5898-000004FC6EC3FD4F_zps3bfa5651.jpg photo 4D9700FC-1C44-46BB-9FE4-389DDDFD532A-5898-000004FC6A1C5151_zps11a3277b.jpg

we’re going to go with that sweet top picture as my daily moment since i didn’t actually snap any pics of darla barking like a seal and scaring a whole camp of handicapable children on their outing.

and those others are just thrown in there as if to say “weeeeee! this manmade beach is so fun. join us. c’mon!”

and it was fun. even if the beach was more the consistency of cat litter than sand. it’s ok. if i close my eyes, stay only on my towel and pretend the redneck yelling is really the sound of the waves IT’S JUST LIKE THE BEACH.

maybe like a mississippi beach.


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