daily moment

i’m having a little trouble deciding on my daily moment yesterday.

i’m torn between this moment from our last childless night {thanks mom & dad!}:

 photo 388116BA-7332-4534-8B7C-6441370499B8-4926-000004358404EB3C_zpsa7c2daf6.jpg

or this moment of seeing some dad country on the big stage:

 photo DB5520C5-AD98-43FA-AF36-901C47514252-4926-0000043565F02BF1_zps2c8bde7a.jpg

or THIS MOMENT when i took a really awesome selfie. le sigh.

 photo 2FBA5C35-7835-486F-8DFA-C032AA8D6832-4926-00000436A5BBCDDC_zpsb4b17fd9.jpg

cast your votes, please!

ps. i just want to make note that the heart around mike and i not so much symbolizes the love we have for one another as much as it symbolizes the love we each have for his authentic olivia newton john shirt. i “borrow” it sometimes.


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