photo 9ABDD8F2-C10C-4075-90CE-11613A45CEEA-31448-00001CC553F129EB_zpsb7871c67.jpg photo B4966864-0E0E-463A-B16E-B649CFACBACC-31448-00001CC55F35369E_zpsc25c8f0d.jpg photo 3FD668F6-DE0E-4ADE-B70E-6856AF523F38-31448-00001CC56A4BE393_zps7692c26d.jpg photo D0B7015C-B3EB-43CD-959B-773F80D2633D-31448-00001CC570034A18_zps7471a5f1.jpg

was last weekend badass, or what? we had beautiful, beautiful temps and weather here in ohio. i feel like we hit up every festival in town. there were a ton. we attended columbus arts festival for the first time, munched at el camino before the grand opening of my new part-time gig at columbus furniture revival {which is really pretty and amazing and pretty amazing. i had some pics to share that i somehow deleted}. darla “got frondly” with people at the luau at the hills market downtown. {sadly, i cannot take credit for that pun. that is courtesy of michael wright.} we stopped by the moonlight market for some crazy good pie and then on to the SoulFood festival down at the columbus commons where i was PUMPED to see Color Me Badd. And by attending, i mean riding our bikes around the outside of the commons b/c it was so expensive. sadly, we were too late and missed CMB. it was hard to be too crushed with how beautiful the rest of the day was but i do feel my life is a little incomplete now.

hope you had a good weekend as well. june is shaping up to be just lovely, isn’t it?


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