weekending: earthy

pairing the birthy and earthy has been a bit of a theme for me lately so let’s go with this.

our earthy part of the weekend was fulfilled by spending lots of time outdoors since the weather was amazeballs.

below you can see darla partaking in what started out as a backyard nature journal, turned watercolor backyard nature journal turned standard darla practice of painting herself blue. she painted our potted cherry tomato, our garden hose and outer space. since one of those is technically not in our backyard, and one of them is not really nature we’re going to have to work on this concept. but whatever. she done good.

 photo D4C1C14D-A623-4461-932C-00FADBDDC621-15650-0000103BC240BC59_zpse30aec2f.jpg photo 585860B7-11C0-4708-A2D6-046281CF7C52-15650-00001044AAFDAE81_zpsefb72959.jpg

 photo F1E5130D-7DF2-45E1-87CD-042BFCEFA62B-15650-0000103BB9597FAB_zps00796ac6.jpg

 photo 2DA9EEA8-89D7-4774-872B-56F9D704E270-15650-0000103BCE0FDCD6_zpsd1c8dff0.jpg

we took what is normally a 15 minute walk up to the ice cream shop and it somehow managed to take us a full 2 hours roundtrip. see her face? i’m such a mean mom to make her go get ice cream with me. right after this she started asking to be carried but we’ve been phasing that out. so we made a deal that we could just take our time and take a look at whatever we wanted along the way. {when i say “we made a deal” it means that she decided to stop whenever she wanted and i decided to deal with it } it’s really one of my favorite things to do with her to just go out and find what we can find. i’m happy to take advantage of the opportunities life gives me to slow down and do things like this with her, especially when there is ice cream at the end.


 photo 6953FB7C-762C-4255-89FD-61FB002200B6-15650-0000103BD7EC6254_zps7b15e92e.jpg photo ACA87632-9EDC-4A76-9765-680317AB295C-15650-0000103BEDF6DE3F_zps6d1ca145.jpg

speaking of the nature influence: jeni’s chamomile ice cream. oh. mah. gawd. i paired it with cloverton and it was divine. simply devine. i might need it daily.

hope your weekend was swell. xoxo.


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