the cesarean thing

i wish i had something really eloquent to say in regards to the cesarean thing. i’m afraid i don’t. i know i’ve read a good deal of very good, honest & earnest writings in the past month that dig into what i feel is real about c-sections for women. i know my own views on cesarean birth have evolved and i couldn’t be more thankful. what i think we’ve gotten right about the whole situation is letting women have their own voices. women are sharing. whether it’s to process, validate, heal, inform or advocate doesn’t really matter. what matters is we are involved in a big way.

so i have a couple shirts that can help you tell your story. maybe you want to warn other women not to fall prey to the pressure of the medical machine. maybe you want women to know their options. or maybe you want to tell the natural birth cult to stop making you feel like a villain for your surgical birth because some births legitimately require a cesarean for a healthy baby to be placed in your arms. in the end, the best thing we can do for one another is honor birth. we can inform, support, care and assist and most importantly we can honor one another.

so if you feel like voicing yourself and advocating in the passive aggressive form of donning a t-shirt* to speak your message here you go. you’re welcome:


i also wanted to mention the sale of these t-shirts helps make it possible for me to lower my fees for couples/mothers who want a supported birth but might not be able to afford the full fee. so thank you for supporting me and for supporting them.

basically, buying one of these t-shirts makes you a really good person. bye!

*i actually think t-shirts such as these can be great conversation starters. i am being a bit facetious above.


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