friends! the wruckers have a lot of opportunities and projects looming in the near future!

this means i’ve been feeling really, really overwhelmed lately. i don’t know if you know this BUT… life is hard.

fortunately i’ve learned to deal with this feeling in a new way. i’ve learned that feeling overwhelmed is infinitely better than feeling underwhelmed. i’ve learned to try to think of this overwhelming rush as growing pains.  when i feel like this, it’s most often because i’ve a fair amount of opportunities and projects on the horizon and i’m trying to will myself to somehow mentally solve the time crunch instead of taking it as it comes. i’ve learned to ask myself a grounding question such as “where are my feet right now?” and focus on the task that is at hand. this works really well when you find yourself staring into a sink of soapy water having gotten lost in a mental wonderland {wanderland?} and had all but forgotten what it was you were doing.

that being said, proper enthusiasm can now be applied. i look forward to sharing when the time is right.

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