weekly happy

full of gratitude for all these moments, and many others, this week:

 photo C72A8407-8AF0-490D-AA10-5DDD59C6E547-38449-0000262CACF9F390_zps27550863.jpg photo 3CADE641-6BB7-4A60-B355-489E40A8DB93-38449-0000262CC308AFF5_zpsd375b379.jpg photo BFF8D1EE-F64A-41F4-870C-540103461D3B-38779-0000265D2D3D24B3_zpsd1389d14.jpg photo 5830BE29-8FFB-428A-AE13-25A947759D14-38779-0000265D2291590D_zps83774bb4.jpg photo FD07AEB5-0C93-47B4-AD68-A446BA98BD4C-38779-0000265D13BD54EA_zpsb5b6f8ed.jpg photo 0D3DF282-D057-49B0-9C7D-972D8C641231-38779-000026602EB4FBA9_zps764aee74.jpg photo C2EC9FCD-8C2E-4428-BCB3-C1D090853409-38779-00002660B2F6A60D_zpsab0926c7.jpg

^^^ 1. snuggling with a little dude i saw born a little over a month ago {photo by darla marie}  2.  two little girls listening to storytime  3.  a return to the north market  4.  take home waffles and  5.  take home hydrangea  6 & 7.  growing little things in our house. ^^^

and a very special moment that i think i’ve decided deserves it’s own post…so i’ll just leave you with this:


please ignore my cackle. thanks.


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