zero waste pantry: cut back on your food packaging waste

 photo EA142C7E-EEB1-42D0-9D8F-AD3D3FE6932F-36410-000024D6497DA15E_zps640a351d.jpg

doesn’t it look so shiny and glistening in there? this is my revamped zero-waste pantry. it’s been a gradual progression, but I hit up a glass ware sale while d was out of town and set to some organization.

 photo 1C2CC2B9-6231-4F02-A692-596462CB4609-33703-000022AB9F35EFFD_zps8f154d6b.jpg

i’m awfully proud of that middle shelf but the top needs a little work. still, it makes me feel badass to look in and see so many items i now get in the bulk section without any throw away packaging involved.

here’s a {somewhat} complete list of pantry items i get in bulk:

flour, wheat flour, rice of several sorts, sunflower seeds, cocoa, coconut, chocolate morsels, corn meal, masa, confectioners sugar, bread crumbs, olive oil, canola oil, a great variety of beans, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, pasta varieties, peanut butter, dried cranberries, popcorn, coffee, sugar, brown sugar, oats.

with the help of a dry erase marker, i labeled all the tops for easy sorting.

between these pantry items and the refridgerated items i get with reusable containers or produce bags, our kitchen has greatly cut down on waste. i still can’t break myself of my need for sour cream or other pre-packaged items but i’ve come up with a system of saving the old glass jars to add to the pantry or save for {hopefully} canning some of our garden produce this year.

this system of grocery shopping has greatly simplified my life and the amount of time i spend in the grocery store. i hardly step into the center of the store anymore and mostly stick to the perimeter. it’s much simpler to come up with meals that involve only fresh veggies, fruits and any of the bulk food items listed above. i love simplicity especially when it works out in our monetary favor, as well.

are you interested in zero waste home management? do you have questions? leave a comment or you can email me at heymomjeanz {at} gmail {dot} com. let’s learn more about it together, shall we?

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One thought on “zero waste pantry: cut back on your food packaging waste

  1. I love a zero waste pantry! It’s so much more aesthetically pleasing and calming. All the brightly colored plastic labeling and packaging freaks me out!

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