passive aggressive housekeeping

 photo D9096A21-DFE7-460C-9409-3662A76A28DE-14216-00000FB19C62A9C8_zps114e3b1f.jpg

does this count as passive aggressive, aggressive or just helpful delegation of duties?


2 thoughts on “passive aggressive housekeeping

  1. i had never heard of a ‘honey -do’ list until a friend of mine, with a husband who absolutely needs one, explained the concept to me recently. the name is clever and cute and almost removes the sting. the trick is having a spouse who is amenable. if you have that, half the battle is already won.

    • yes, i think from a pure communication and organization stand point it’s going to stick around in our house. and if i get my own ‘honey-do’ list from him that’s just fine! so many other things to talk about in the meantime that chore lists are easier to write down :)

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