the week was a whilrwind, the weekend was pretty jam-packed as well. but we took advantage of whatever down time we could find for some lounging, catching up on projects and family snuggle piles. also, time for girl scout cookies. there’s always time for girl scout cookies.

 photo 8D860668-5FF2-4928-895B-9F7D8FBB05C9-14115-00000FA0E8E9E66E_zpsec17d0eb.jpg photo 6FBCD8FF-F962-4FD7-8D3E-A17163066B01-14115-00000FA0F0C5E08F_zps97a322ee.jpg photo CB10B3BE-53C3-4B2A-B6C7-3F2C9C4A5F1C-14115-00000FA0FAED3F47_zps70c07982.jpg photo 1DF02FF8-8093-4279-8616-FEE78664FFA0-14115-00000FA105A65B5F_zps97c7d5f7.jpg photo A7420650-7A31-4240-944E-8AE8C6401C9A-14115-00000FA112BBDA88_zpsb731dfdb.jpg


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