darla and i took some time during valentine’s to have a mommy + daughter date, spending the date in the most logical manner: stuffing our faces with jeni’s icecream.

uh oh. some of you are really jealous right now, aren’t you?

 photo 1A1CA382-BA04-49B5-9AEA-9D9A72981EB5-6109-000006EED4BAD9DA_zpsde6f97bb.jpg photo 373C7DA2-4A2A-4103-898E-C00F8EA26EDC-6109-000006EAE5CF1E41_zps2bb3c67d.jpg photo B1A5BAB1-FC59-4FBD-B902-70ED9AD55FBB-6109-000006EE02369356_zpsb12c0a5b.jpg photo BD9ED6F8-E3E6-4BF5-B5ED-CB5B6D6B21C4-6109-000006F0BF33AB92_zps10d29155.jpg photo 7A101CCC-2757-4333-8963-C5C2232DF55F-6238-000006FC2C7EC978_zpsc5ff4b96.jpg photo C599CD08-9557-4861-BDC1-78F5FBCB650E-6238-000006FC45DCE745_zps3be65eb4.jpg photo 3685A6C0-F8A9-4A98-868C-B82277DD80B8-6238-000006FC382AE7FF_zpsfd3d167c.jpg

^^^triple scoop and boot love with THE CUTEST valentine’s date i’ve ever had^^^


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