it’s come to this

i just made oatmeal cookie dough without the egg so i could eat it raw and watch game of thrones…by myself.

i just want to take this vulnerable moment to express that i feel pretty lonely here most of the time. i’ve lived in ohio for 3 years and i’m only now starting to feel like i “know” people. making friends as an adult is hard, yo.

i don’t know what alchemy produced my social composition in DC but i can tell you it was golden. this means i don’t know what is out of balance here. i can say the thing about midwesterners is… they have their friends they’ve always had and they don’t make much room for newcomers. i can say that b/c i’m a midwesterner, just not this mid….further west.

having said that, i know the true agent here is me. i’ve made lots of changes and i’m starting to see the social growth here but i still need to really put myself out there. i would like to leave with this open letter:

dear columbus,

i have tried to woo you with my feathers, fringe, sequins and all sorts of shiny. these are my usual tricks to make friends but i guess i just need to come right out and ask…will you be my friend? please?


12 thoughts on “it’s come to this

  1. vulnerability is beauty. i love you and i know that feeling somewhat. i have only been in my new land for 10 months but i feel ya. lets try to visit each other and we can watch Game of Thrones with cookie dough AND ice cream haha

  2. I hear ya. Abu Dhabi girls (especially locals) are pretty private peeps. Even folks I meet through work aren’t quite “it”. Keep on hangin on. In the meantime, there’s Google Hangout.

  3. If I didn’t know you I would be super-wooed by your sparkles, feathers and fringe. You are awesome, to know you is to love you, so don’t forget that. PS-Send me the leftovers! xoxo

  4. i don’t know that you need the sparkles and feathers… i was wooed by the cookie dough and Game of Thrones part of the story. i’m 1/2 way through book 3 and would be into watching the series if you want company! (or, really, whatever else. i’ll call.)

    • robin, i’d love the company! let’s do it. as long as you don’t mind that i will be wearing a capelet and drinking from a goblet bc that’s how i do GoT. :) I just finished the first season but i’d gladly watch again…or anything else.

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