i’m writing this as a pretty tired momma on this afternoon. i know to be this tired means i have a lot to be thankful for…


it could mean that burgers are really not a good lunch choice and my decision to attempt going meat and gluten free next year is valid.

anyways, snaps from a week in which there was a lot to be thankful:

north market jeni's pining

thankful for delicious, delicious soft pretzel snacks at north market. equally thankful to have spotted the elusive, unenthusiastic unicorn while we were there.
 ps. she did not get any jeni’s while we were there. shame really.

whipped cream games

thankful for games and hot chocolate at luck bros to make up for the missed jeni’s opportunity.


thankful for one more week of play opportunity outside


and lastly, i’m thankful to be the one to plait these beautiful braids. even if the subject is quite squirmy and they come out crooked. i’m glad to be the one to do it.


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