just an idea

for some reason i’ve always felt guilty about the ideas i have that i never carry out. i’m actually quite guilty of dishing out criticism towards those that don’t carry out their own fleeting ideas either.



 lately i’ve just been trying to write down my ideas and feel good that i have some creative process going on at all. who cares if i don’t follow through on some of these hair-brained thoughts? in most cases it’s good that i don’t. like that time when i thought i should join a burlesque troupe 4 months postpartum….yeah, momma was going through somewhat of an identity crisis there.

anyway, i saw a bumper sticker i actually liked the other day and i think it applies to my current “idea” situation:

“you don’t have to believe everything you think.”

that is pretty damn freeing right there. just because i think of an idea or a new conclusion or observation doesn’t mean i have to believe it. i can just think it. if it’s worthy of sticking around, it will. if not then it will fall into that brain black hole along with all the other fleeting thoughts and occasional important date or two.

and…that’s what i think. bye!


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