kafka, again

let me share a wee bit of genius that i’ve been in love with for the past few days:

you don’t need to leave your room.

remain sitting at your table and listen.

don’t even listen, simply wait.

don’t even wait.

be quite still and solitary.

the world will freely offer itself to you.

to be unmasked, it has no choice.

it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

-franz kafka

alright, to be quite honest, i haven’t read much kafka but based on this quote i’m gonna start, eh?

i love how the universe sends you what you need.

i tend to try and force life to happen…when i forget what everything is all about. i try to push and prod life along. i did reach a point in my mid 20s when i was supremely good about being fluid and accepting the universe’s hints into my everyday path. i lost that somewhere in these past 4 years. this quote, along with recent events of life, have reminded me to sit back and let life unfold at your feet. and then get down and roll around with it.

it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes about childbirth in regards to contractions. i’ll paraphrase: don’t force the waves towards the shore. they will come and recede on their own.

isn’t that such a good mantra? when we don’t push the wave we can simply ride it.

on my days when i can remember to ride, life is excellent. we had such a good day yesterday as a result of simply remembering to be fluid.

 in all honesty, the part that hooked me was the not leaving your room thing. kafka, i love you, ya lazy SOB.


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