how do you say that?

people of forecastle, you need to know something: it’s pronounced “folksoul” not fore-castle. it’s tricky but you gotta get it corrected by next year.

it’s on the website, but no one reads that i guess.

anyway…here’s how the jam went down:











just another weekend that went by too quickly. forecastle really stole my heart. the setting was beautiful and things were FUNKY. in a good way. i’m using that as a good word in this scenario. just the right amount of quirky was applied to the whole entire place. my favorite set was deer tick. beach house sounded pretty good and my favorite new discovery of the weekend was JEFF the brotherhood.

but the whole dang festival really that would have meant nothing without our friends. these reunion weekends serve as reminders that we’ve met some pretty amazing people along the way. no matter if we see them everyday, once a season or once a year our friends leave me humbled.

i’m lucky to share such good times with you, friends. i love you all dearly. even down to the littlest one of ya!

speaking of the little ones, i’ve gotta give props to them too. they did pretty ok. i hope darla will appreciate this music festival weekends when she’s older and not resent us for schlepping her to all these different destinations. she’ll probably rebel in some weird and strange way when she’s older. and that’ll be ok. until then we’re going to fest it up.


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