we’re dating again

we had our date. i got to wear heels. that’s pretty much all i was looking for.


we only made it in to hear one song of sister crayon but we’ll be looking to hear more from that band. sounded pretty good from what i heard. also, zechs marquise gave me a latin Zappa impression. their energy was pretty good, but it kinda got old after a while.

or maybe i’m the one that got old.

Maps & Atlases sounded brilliant as always. the only problem with this show was that it was at the basement. this venue is really tough. i want to like it, but no. i cannot.

dear sorority chicks, there is only so much space at this venue. coming to a show just because mark put it in his status update with the intention of bumping into him and asking him why he never called is not, in fact, a good one. also, talking during the whole entire show is not, in fact, a good idea either.

here’s where i viewed most of M&A. see that tiny little screen up there on top of the fridge. best view i could get:

IMG_2863oh well, the point is we got out, we heard good tunes and i got to wear heels.



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