excuse me, is this your earring post?

why yes it is.

the lovely ladies of ornamental things sent me a pair of these cutie-poos that i’m offering as my first giveaway.  answer the question below in the comments section and i’ll draw a random winner on friday.


what’s your opinon of young girls having their ears pierced?


9 thoughts on “excuse me, is this your earring post?

  1. Super cute earrings! My thoughts on young girls getting their ears pierced…

    I understand it’s a tradition for some cultures, so I have no thoughts or judgements regarding that, but I feel like it’s something that should be done because a girl wants it done, not because her parents want everyone to know their baby girl is indeed a girl.

    In my family I’ve decided that when my daughter is 7 or 8 and old enough to understand it’s something that hurts a little and requires care of her ears and jewelry, if she asks to do it then I’m okay with it. I look forward to it as something sweet we go do together.

    Luckily at four my daughter is in no rush to poke holes in herself. :)

  2. This is such a great question and one I actually find my self discussing a lot. I had my ears pierced when I was around 3. I remember the whole experience including the beautiful miniature ceramic baby doll my mom gave me afterward. I don’t look back on it in any negative way at all. I’ve actually never asked my mother why she had my ears pierced so young, but having my ears pierced allowed me to receive meaningful gifts of earrings for different holidays and birthdays that I still cherish to this day. I don’t know if I would call it a rite of passage, but it did allow me to understand from an early age the importance of certain cherished objects within a family and the meanings and memories they can hold over the course of a lifetime.

    That being said, I do not yet have a child of mine own, and my boyfriend and I discuss ear piercing often in relation to his sister who did not have her ears pierced when she was young and has chosen not to get them pierced as an adult. The context of this conversation is usually in relation to getting her a present of some sort for an important milestone such as her 16th birthday or graduation.

    I am not sure if I would choose to have my daughter’s ears pierced as an infant, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it as a toddler. As long as the little girl isn’t yelling and screaming in fear of having it done, I don’t see an issue with it. I also respect people’s choice to wait until the girl is older.

    How’s that for riding the fence!

  3. I am a mother to a nine year old, I have left the decision up to her. She saw someone else get it done once when we were at the mall. She decided she might not like to have that done, helped that the kid screamed bloody murder and they had to practically pin her down to get the second one done.
    I got mine done when I was 8, it was a mommy/daughter day. I don’t remember the actual piercing part but I totally remember going out for lunch at a restaurant with my Mom – which we hardly ever did.
    As for those who pierce their babies’ ears so that people know they’re a girl – seems silly to me when you just have to dress them in pink and throw on a hat with some flowers/bows on it…why would you want to hurt your baby unnecessarily?
    ps. I’m in Canada, if I am the random winner you can pick someone else cause you’d have to pay extra to ship them here!! Enjoy your time when salty sailor gets home!

  4. I am torn on this myself. My little girl is a year old now. I was wanting to get them pierced early on, but never did. Now I am wondering if I should just wait til she is older and she can decide. The other part of me is most girls love having their ears pierced so why not just go ahead and do it.

    Thanks for the chance…alholm.co at gmail dot com

  5. I feel like the decision should be left up to the girl until she is old enough to really decide for herself. However, I have heard that infants have less trouble with their piercings- scar tissue does not form and there is no infection. So, I understand if parents decide to pierce their babies, but I wouldn’t!

  6. Im a Mom and a Nana. I waited until my daughter was old enough to decide for herself and she waited on my granddaughter to decide. I feel like babies could have accidents pulling on the earrings so it scares me to see them with pierced ears.

  7. Personally, I’ll leave any long-lasting physical alterations up to my future little ones to decide on when they’re not-so-little. I can’t see myself making those types of choices for them, and furthermore, don’t want to impose any unnecessary gender consciousness. After all, we aren’t talking about “kids” getting their ears pierced — we’re talking about girls getting their ears pierced. Why not let them decide for themselves how they want to express their gender- or any other- identity?

    • I have enjoyed reading other people’s comments because I have been debating on whether or not to get London’s ears pierced. I think I have decided to wait until she can decide for herself. I am sure she will want them someday, but I think it will be more fun if she can remember it and we can make a special “girly” day out of it:)

  8. Gorgeous Earrings!

    As for the questions, my sisters and I had to be ten years old. We went on our birthdays and it seemed like such a big deal-my Mom made a whole day out of it and for us it was the perfect age.

    I’ve babysat a young girl who had her ears pierced when she was very young and was always having issues with them, infections, lost earrings, etc. So I think I’ll stick with my parents rules and have ten be the age!

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