where you been, momjeanz?

it’s taken a few days to get back in the swing of life at our little chateau. you know what’s worse than a hangover? a birth hangover. but unlike a real hangover, a birth hangover is worth it.

but anyway,

i’ve been feeling pretty stressed about all that I have to get done now that we’re back after being a way for what feels like an entire month. it was pretty rough around here for about a day and 1/2 and then i opened this mysterious package that had been waiting for us on the doorstep when we got back (i just forgot about it for a day)

annnnnd it made everything turn around. seriously.

thank you, dear friends! you are EXCELLENT.


JUST LOOK AT THAT! the girl dressed as dorothy, stern look of american determination fixed on her face, eating an apple and waving the flag by our deertick poster. the only way it could get any MORE patriotic was if there was a pitchfork or something in there.


oh and it makes for a good peek-a-boo prop as well.

thank you, again, friends. you have no idea how this turned our week around. our day turned into a park-going, bike purchasing, errand running day of excellent proportions.


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