weekending something.something

hey, um, here’s a few of the weekend highlights:




we did a friday evening bike ride up to jeni’s ice cream in lieu of dinner. clearly, we enjoyed it. darla picked magnolia and mochi because she’s got some refined tastebuds for a three year old. she got the cutest little ice cream mustache in the process. the last photo cracks me up. that’s her real head! on her real body! i didn’t photoshop that because i don’t know how to do that. this girl’s got some proportions on her.



we communed with nature and darla welcomed our daffodils to the world. she also successfully terrorized a ladybug for about 10 min because she was trying to get the bug to go with her to the yogurt shop. i think i may have gone a little overboard with this “bugs are our friends” business.



we parked it up with some hipster baby friends alllll sunday afternoon and then built living room forts to hide from the storms. darla had a good time pretending to be scared. i explained what was happening when it started hailing and she yelled “now there’s ice for the polar bears!” this is because at the zoo we learned about how the ice was melting in the arctic and the polar bear population is plummeting. after the storm had passed i went out and gathered some hail pellets for her in a cup. once i gave them to her she promptly ate them. sigh. she’s normal.

that’s a wrap for us. hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend as well.


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