weekending 5.0

i love weekends with my girl especially when it contains the following:

girlfriend movie night viewing of pride + prejudice, free columbus opera performance, fun fair at local middle school, 3 trips to the library, columbus museum of art play date and running into more friends, cousin play date for darla while i came home and got dishes, laundry, floors cleaned, hair done and nails done. and by done i mean clipped. that counts as done for me.

the cherry on top of this busyness sundae was the Black Keys show last night. i’m sore from head to heel.

more weekends like this one please.

weekending 5.0weekending 5.0

face painting at fun fest

weekending 5.0look what she chose, daddy

weekending 5.0

oh ok, i guess we’re wearing this now

weekending 5.0

snow flakes in all of her hairz

weekending 5.0weekending 5.0

activities at CMA. look at that girl stacking! for too long i have sat by as other children stacked their items neatly while darla discarded items willy nilly. now our day has come. there are signs that the girl understands order in the world.

*obviously i have never really been concerned about her lack of stacking

weekending 5.0

woooo Spring Break CMA!

weekending 5.0

pretty little birdie house she painted with our babysitter extraordinaire


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