it’s been a month

we’re one month into this work tour for mike. how many more we have left is yet to be determined. do i really need to roll out the same old information that i’m tired, stressed and overwhelmed at times? well, yes, i do. because ya know what i like? sympathy.

the truth is i’m all of those things but every time we go through this it gets a little easier. some of the life changes we’ve made – moving to a new, safer ‘hood, enlisting the help of a babysitter 1-2x a week, deciding to enroll darla in preschool in the fall (the thought of which i hold on to dearly like sweet, sweet nectar from the gods) – have made a world of difference to my single-parent existence.

but honestly, how have so many women throughout time raised so many other human beings on their own?  i’m actually one of the lucky ones who has help half the year.

if you know a single-parent, will you do me a favesie and be extra nice to them today? tomorrow? always? they need it more than you may realize. mmmkay thanks!


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