sunshiny week

we had a very sunshiny week, which was nice for a change. we’re just itching for more of the great outdoors.






and we spent a few days with our burkeybuns friends. it can get pretty hectic with 3 kids but moments like these are more frequent than one might think.

IMG_2038darla and adam were so excited when joni woke up from her nap they decided to climb right in her bed with her. it was so sweet.



i love seeing all three kids able to share toys and activities now.


some other fun. look at all those conjoined darlas! it makes me happy and nervous. this photo was created with a real kaleidoscope. no iphone apps were harmed in the making of this photo.


what else about our week? hmmm.

i gave darla her first haircut. i never thought i’d be one of those moms, but i saved her hair. i just couldn’t throw it away right after. it now looks like i have a little shrew hibernating in my jewelry box. i’m sure i’ll throw it away in a couple of weeks, or sprinkle it on our garden when we start the process in march. jeez, these softy sides sneak up on me every now and again.

i’ve remembered why i stopped participating in lenten activities: BECAUSE GIVING UP THINGS IS STUPID! i’ve had a much harder time than i thought avoiding the sweets. i hadn’t realized how much i was indulging until now. i ate TWO gummy vitamins the other day because that is the closest i can get to real candy. i feel like a crack addict trying to figure out how i’m going to secretly score. is that what crack addicts call it? scoring? i don’t know yet. breaking bad is my next tv series on netflix, so i’ll find out then. not surprisingly, my body is already feeling healthier. from the lack of candy, not the crack. oh geez.

the last exciting thing is that darla and i came over for a nice long weekend visit with my family and also for me to consult with one of my lifelong friends about being her doula! i’m so excited to be back on track and a step closer to my certification. i love talking to couples about their birth choices. my friend and her husband are going to be great parents and it seems like they also have a great outlook heading into their labor and delivery. i’m just happy to be a part of these events and so thankful.  the next seven weeks will consist of a lot of review of my birthing materials and prep.  I REALLY CAN’T WAIT UNTIL MORE OF YOU LET ME BE YOUR DOULA.

it was a good week for us. now we’re just enjoying our weekending. hope you are too.


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