the new place is finally coming together. some of our DIYs are getting finished. personalizations are happening. it’s finally looking less sterile and less like a cardboard jungle. a visit from my parents helped break up the drudgery. here’s how darla likes her new digs.

the girl is loving her big girl bed. she shows her affection by climbing in one of her pillowcases and pretending to be a “lumpy pillow.”




a fewIMG_1653




my parents brought this mantlepiece clock that i inherited from my grandparents. it is perfect for this new place of ours. i loved this clock as a child and am happy to be reminded of my grandparents on the hour.

looking forward to having the place complete and settled so that we can move on to other things in life. mr. mike is only home for another two weeks and i’d like it to be more play than work these last few days.

sighhhhhing all over the place.


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