my good friend and life goal guru sent out a website yesterday that is perfect for the new year. i used to write my ten goals for the year down and tape them to my desk. the four years  i had that practice going i accomplished every goal i had written down. i believe in having your goals somewhere you will see them everyday.

i hope this website will help me be accountable.

here’s my list of 12 for ’12.

thanks to meg for passing this site on!


2 thoughts on “accomplished

  1. love it that making your own bread is on your list… it’s on mine too! We’ll have to keep in touch about it…. I’ll let you know when I start narrowing some recipes down. Happy Moving!

    • Cool! We seem to be on the same vein about so many things. I have a recipe for bread that is mixed, proofed and baked in the same pan. I’ll send it to you. It seems like it would be good for every day loaves.

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