doing up a birthday

i’m going through friend withdrawl now that the last of our friendly out-of-town visitors left yesterday. luckily we had a birthday to celebrate yesterday and st. nic’s day to celebrate today. more on darla’s st. nic’s feast day presents to come.

here is some of what darla and i put together for papa man.  unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of the finished product. sadness over that. darla dictated that michael have a pink cake for his birthday and the wonderful father, who is secure in his manhood, of course acquiesced. he even helped darla ice it. hey, a man can do what he wants on his birthday and icing a cake with your girl has to be a fantastic birthday memory. darla also helped create the homemade cake toppers. birthdays are just so much fun with a little one around to help.

 our mirth on his day of birth:


One thought on “doing up a birthday

  1. I love seeing her in the little apron I made for you when you were her age. Would love to see you in mine in a mother/daughter matching aprons pic if you have opportunity! So happy to hear you were also able to work St. Nick’s feast into you happy holidays schedule. I look forward to having D this weekend and seeing you and Mike too! Good times…………

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