images of a surprise visit

months of planning came to fruition on friday night. the surprise couldn’t have gone any better. i’m continually amazed by the generosity and kindness of our friends. i’m also amazed at their extreme wittiness and the size of their stomachs. lots of good times. darla was in heaven. her idea of heaven is being the center of attention at all times. here are just a few of our moments together.

1. the morning after their arrival  2. mike doing what he loves the most in this world: playing music for friends  3. concentration during the snowflake party  4. darla’s snowflake  5. friends!  6. tophats are awwwwesome!  7. darla and fruncle james being “samesies” during the holiday photo shoot  8. wrights are genetically predisposed to like kanners.


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