before we move straight on to christmafying our lives…

the tree’s up at the wruckers but before i post those photos i wanted to make sure to share just a few more from our thanksgiving weekend. i feel sorry for turkey day sometimes, getting passed over pretty much, but then i think “hey, it’s thanksgiving’s own fault for not coming up with some catchy radio singles.”

1. coloring with grandma  2. she looks a little apprehensive about what’s at the bottom of that slide  3. jumpin’ in a pile of leaves  4. makes a gal happy  5. this is where i think i told mike to pretend we were drunk hobos at union station  6. best pretzels i’ve had in a long time at the flying saucer.

we had such a great weekend. a big thanks to mike’s parents for making the weekend special and comfortable. there’s a little girl here that’s already talking about coming back. and a big girl talking about it, too.


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