a narrative of pictures

here’s mikey’s first week home in pictures. we’ve been up to a lot lately. A LOT OF LOVE, that is.

watercolors with daddy. she has a hard time sticking to her own canvas. momma knows what you’re going through, darla. oh momma knows.  i have a hard time with that too.

on to our coffee house breakfast. i call this one “darla with a butter packet.” gotta admit i don’t think this is gross. wonder where she gets it from?

love seeing that face over coffee

and there’s me. i’m seeing generations of genes on both sides in this picture.

 there’s darla’s indignation after we took her 3rd tootsie roll away to be saved for later

this is why we buy in bulk

yes, she insisted on wearing her tutu to gymnastics. yes, she was very excited about that blow pop. a man at our dry cleaners gives her one every time we go in just because she’s cute. this didn’t really do much help with my “don’t take candy from strangers” lessons.

 mike doing curls with darla inside our laundry bag. i swear she asks begs for this to happen. don’t call CPS

and now for lady date sequence:

my drink: the salty dog. i like my drinks how i like my man

yay for gal pals

it’s the pits. i like my snacks like my drinks and my man

what happened to bobby fischer?

hey, um, you left your broom down at the courthouse. were you sweeping up justice?

and the best part of the week: mike and i had not one but TWO date nights this week. shuhhup! yah we did! and i got a lady date so i’ve barely had to be a parent this week.

so we went for drinks at betty’s and then dined at rigsby’s where we made lots of sexy looks at each other like this

and come hither looks like this

sorry about the lighting in these but it was one of those way too sensual for lights kinda places.

that’s what i captured for posterity. looking forward to more weeks like this one.


2 thoughts on “a narrative of pictures

  1. I love these! So exciting to come home from several days of disconnect with internet to such a feast of pictures of my sweeties!

  2. I just reviewed these and realize now why Darla is so confident that Santa will shower her with lots of presents regardless of her behavior……she knows he saw her playing with toilet paper. She’ll get sympathy presents!

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