umm, excuse me. you made a mistake.

there are days when i’m certain that the universe made a mistake giving me a child. i’m a fraud and if you’ve ever heard me give any parenting advice then just toss it in the waste basket. my child is a maniac – a very cute and hilarious maniac. i’ve learned that i cannot ever hope to control my wild child. her spirit is too free. and i want that to be a good thing, i really do. but controlling myself is the issue at this point. i mean, it’s pretty bad when you’re two-and-a-half year old tells you to go meditate.

universe, can you give me sign that i am supposed to be a mom? preferably a sign that doesn’t involve CPS showing up at my door. also, a sign that doesn’t involve the staypuft marsmallow man.

oh wait. darla just fell asleep in the 2 minutes that it took me to write this. is that it? is that my sign? it’s certainly a sign that momma’s gonna take a nap…


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